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------ Sikh women Martyrs of Punjab (1752) -----
March 6, 1752 A.D., Muin-ul-Malk, Governor of Lahore (now Pakistan), also known as Mir Mannu; ordered the capture of Sikhs in his district & had the men-folk beheaded publicly. Their wives, women and children were taken captives & imprisoned in the Lahore jail. Starving women were forced to operate heavy wheat grindstones and were given the option of conversion to Islam or suffer physical atrocities. They unanimously chose to remain steadfast to their faith in the face of certain death, upon which the Muslim guards gruesomely massacred over 300 infants and children, IMPALING them on spears. Chopping their limbs, bodies of babies were RIPPED open to take out Internal Organs which were then garlanded around their mothers necks. One by one many Sikh women suffered brutal atrocities but they all chose to remain steadfast to their Sikh faith instead of enjoying freedom by embracing Islam. Surviving Sikh women were rescued later on after the death of Mir Mannu on November 4, 1753.
This incident is even recorded by Muslim chroniclers of that time, Nur Ahmad Chishti recorded that Mir Mannu “killed thousands of Sikhs” daily. Once, on the day of Muslim festival, he beheaded 1100 Sikhs” in public. Could anything be more painful for Sikh women than to watch and witness the gruesome butchery of their own sons and husbands? These women maintained strong conviction in their Sikh faith in the face of extreme atrocites. In those days Sikhs were persecuted because they were considered infidels by Muslims & today Sikhs become victims in the United States because they are confused with Muslims. Its my hope that readers will share & help clear this confusion.

IMPORTANT POINT : It is evident from history of Islamic persecution of infidels be they are Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians that Islam is totalitarian & devout Muslims who follow the teachings of Mohammed to slaughter infidels in Quran will strive hard to dominate Islam on the rest of the world. When Muslims hold postcards in protests saying "we will kill infidels & we will take your women as war booty"! They really mean it! Muslims by the essence of Islam are brainwashed into beasts & have lost any bit of love for their fellow humanity because by considering a criminal man like Muhammad to be their "perfect man & the final prophet of allah" has distorted their moral compass of right & wrong. In Islam, the definition of good and bad does not correspond with doing righteous & wrong. In Islam, good action is when Muslim follows the example of Muhammad, bad action is when a follower strays from imitating Muhammad. Muslims from very early age are taught to follow & respect Muhammad without studying his biography. Due to this childhood brainwashing Muslims see everything from Muhammads' point of view... and Muhammad points of view is : "believe in me as your prophet, or be called a infidel and be slaughtered". The agenda of Islam is world domination. It is high time we infidels declare Islam as what Islam really is! Just as the allies could not have won a war against Germany, had they not declared nazism as evil; we cannot win war against Islam if we continue to consider Islam just another color in the rainbow of religions.

PS : Some people have asked why didn't these women convert for a moment, be released & then convert back?
- We humans are social animals. Its called Pack mentality... Muslims love it. Muslims strength of faith depends a lot on the "numbers of Muslims". We often see how Muslims say "oh Mr. famous converted to Islam, so Islam must be true", "Islam is the fastest growing religion, so it must be famous". Once anybody converts, they will shout out loud as if when someone converts gives credibility to the tenets of Islam. If these women had converted even for a moment, an example would have been set; and a lot more people would not have stood up to fight against islam. The on going Sikh resistance was to show strong resistance at all costs to stand up against Islamic oppression. This is why these brave women are remembered even after 300 years.
Secondly, we know today that the ancestors of present day Pakistani's converted to Islam to save their necks, but practiced their ancient religions in the privacy of their homes. In a few generations they started to relate more with "Pan-islamic Muslim pride" & eventually they became more Islamized & even started hating their ancient religion. Today Pakistani's are largest producers of Islamic terrorism.
These brave women sacrificed their babies & set a great example in Sikh history. It is because of this heroic Sacrifice, that a large section of people supported the Sikhs in their cause, and taking inspiration from these brave women & other Sikh martyrdom stories, many more people joined the Sikh religion & did not accept forced conversions and fiercely fought against Islamic oppression. The result was that within the next 50 years, Sikhs who were less than 1% in Punjab, not only destroyed & took over the Islamic empire in Punjab, but also ruled over that region which was majority Muslim (something unparalleled in history till date). Sikhs are the reason, that removed the spell of Islam from all over North India. The Bravery of these women & all other Sikh martyrs definitely proves that bravery is contagious human mentality just as weakness.

------------- Ranjit Singh.
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Foto: A very simple and practical check up to test your religion.

A very simple and practical check up to test your religion.


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